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Our company Philosophy is to mange an integrated agriculture. All main operations, prunings. Sprouts selection, thinnings and harvests, in Cipriana are always made by hand.

Our vineyards and olive groves are placed in the historical and traditional context of Bolgheri, giving respect to his typical and natoural beauty.


The Grounds

The Ground Typologies placed in our Vineyard are three: sandy, clayey and silty clayey. The sandy and clayey soil are placed in farm house surrounding area and the grounds on Bolgherese’s path in Località Scopaio. In Località Badia di Sotto, where a new plant was just built, the ground is silty-clayey.

These different grounds tipolgies give freshness, fullness and minerality to ours wines

The Vineyards

The Red Berry’s vineyard placed in Cipriana are: Cabernet Sauvignon, Petit Verdot, Merlot and Syrah. From these grapes, borns our red and rosè wines. The only one white berry’s is Vermentino, used for our white wine. Recently, the Cabemet Franc was planted and it will be use for the next Bolgheri Superiore cuts

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